Alternative Lung Cancer Treatments


Alternative lung cancer treatments, that result in a cure for lung cancer, or just a mainstream cure for lung cancer, had been a long sought-after solution for this terrible disease. But the question of how to cure lung cancer still remains unanswered to this day by mainstream medicine.

Rather than any sort of permanent lung cancer cure, we instead have a number of treatment options that include both the most commonly accepted ones, such as chemotherapy, as well as many other types of alternative treatments.

Many of those who first develop cancer turn to chemotherapy immediately, as it is the best treatment method according to the majority of certified physicians and oncologists. Alternative lung cancer treatments, however, always take a back seat, and most usually don’t turn to them until after chemotherapy fails to produce any noticeable results. When these circumstances are taken into consideration, it seems to suggest an unsavory truth – that chemotherapy does not actually work, but instead only uses up valuable time, all the while weakening the body and thus potentially preventing alternative treatments from being effective.

Let us take a brief moment to consider what chemotherapy actually is and how it works. Chemotherapy, often referred to as chemo, is a major part of modern cancer treatment methods. It utilizes drugs in order to attack and kill cancer cells throughout the whole body. This means that no cancer cell will go unaffected, but a very obvious downside is immediately apparent – drugs do not differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells, and will thus damage healthy cells as well. This is the reason why patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from hair loss and from weakened immune systems, in addition to other side effects.

As mentioned above, people usually turn to an alternative lung cancer treatments after chemotherapy or other “mainstream” treatment methods such as surgery and radiation treatment don’t help them. Unfortunately, however, it is these people who end up giving alternative treatments their reputation as scam. The sad truth is, a very low percentage of patients who undergo chemotherapy succeed in overcoming cancer. Those who do not get good results from chemo are left with a weakened immune system and an overall damaged organism which is then incapable of fighting the disease with the assistance of alternative treatments.

Now, it is also worth noting that chemotherapy has different success rates for different types of cancer, too. As for its capability to cure of lung cancer, chemotherapy does not seem to perform noticeably better or worse than in the cases of other types of cancer. In the end, cancer is still something we cannot quite control or master, and regardless of whether you opt for chemotherapy or for more unconventional treatment methods, it is always something of a gamble. The factors are simply too many, and potential results are thus highly unpredictable. As for lung cancer, alternative treatments are out there and you can read more on that topic in some of our other articles on that very topic.