The Prospects of Healing Cancer Naturally

With over half a million deaths by cancer expected in this year alone, it’s clear that the strides made in modern medicine haven’t been as successful with cancerous diseases. Today, there’s an increasing level of attention turning towards healing cancer naturally using a variety of alternative methods and treatments.

Acknowledging the positive effects of natural remedies does not mean entirely discounting the efficacy of modern medicine. On the contrary, it may mean a comprehensive union of both approaches to find the best treatment that resonates with the patient in question.

If the chances of a loved one surviving cancer and leading a fulfilling life is the objective, then supplementing modern medicine with cancer natural remedies makes more sense today than ever.

The Callousness of Chemo

Chemotherapy and its associated treatments remain the primary prescription for cancer. However, it is becoming fairly more evident that this retreat to conventional medical treatment is often caused by a lack of better options. In many cases, chemo and radiation emerge as the last resort, instead of being the least destructive and most effective choice from an array of treatment options.

A unique study that investigated clinical trials of different cancers revealed some interesting conclusions about how effective chemo really is. Researchers took cancer treatment data from the US and Australia, covering more than 20 different malignancies that occur in adults. Using a 5-year survival rate for scale, they studied the role that cytotoxic chemotherapy played in the recovery or deterioration of the patient’s conditions.

The findings showed that less than chemo contributed to less than 3% of the survival rate in both countries.

The purpose of this cancer study was not to debase or discredit the efficacy of chemotherapy. Rather, it was an objective take on whether chemo was the best choice for all those malignancies.

Low success rate aside, chemotherapy typically induces a wide range of unpleasant side effects on the patient. Conditions can range from fatigue and soreness to nausea and inflammation.

All in all, it reveals that today’s medical world will certainly fare a lot better if there was a treatment that was less invasive, less destructive to the patient’s body, and presented better prospects of curing the condition. Today, natural ways to fight cancer and understanding cancer natural remedies seem to be the direction that’s covering the most ground.

Conventional Approaches to Healing Cancer Naturally

Regardless of whether it’s the traditional chemo treatment or cutting-edge technology like CRISPR, tackling the medical menace of this disease remains complicated. It’s a process that’s strenuous for the caregiver and distressing for the patient.

Over the years, both patient mentality and scientific research have started delving more into alternative treatments that are designed to relieve and reinstate the naturally healthy state of the body.

Here’s a quick glance at some well-known natural approaches.


Aromatherapy is an established practice that uses specific fragrances to induce calming and relaxing sensations in the subject. While it’s easy to quickly dismiss it as a leisurely activity, the relief and tranquility it creates are unmistakable.

As part of any medical therapy program, aromatherapy can allow the patient to revert back to a state of calmness and peace. This is especially important in cancer cases where the ongoing treatment is physically demanding, stressful, and draining. At the very least, it reminds and transports the subjects to a place that reminds them of the good health they aspire to and hope to regain.

Studies conducted on cancer patients reveal that aromatherapy can help in releasing muscular tension as well as emotional stress. This dual physical and mental relief plays a big role in the way the patient’s mind and body respond to the medication and treatment.


Acupuncture is normally classified as an alternative medicine that seeks to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and aid in restoring the body’s energy and well-being. While the spiritual aspects of the treatment is a debate beyond this article’s scope, the effect it has on a cancer patient’s well-being is apparent.

Studying the scientific basis of acupuncture as a system of medicine has been going on for a long time now. Interpretations and degrees of efficacy may change depending on whom you ask.

However, it’s often recommended as a component in integrative oncology and holistic treatment regimens for many cancer patients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the practice of interacting with a mental health professional and addressing inherent issues of negativity or promoting positive thought patterns that nourish the person’s state of mind.

Any doctor who has treated cancer will agree that the mental health and resilience of the patient is a huge factor in determining the progress. Alternative treatments can often include CBT sessions or similar articulating experiences with trusted individuals. These exercises allow the patient to take account of the realities, muster the courage for the future, and handle prolonged treatments with composure and hope.

As far as the search for cancer natural remedies go, starting with the right frame of mind is essentially one of the best places to begin.

Curated Diet

Comprehensive cancer treatments always require a strict dietary regimen that the patient must follow. Normally, this diet is engineered to combine food items that will strengthen the body as well as provide the nutrition to carry the heavy treatment that is inevitable in advanced cancer cases.

For supporters of this approach, it’s enlivening to know that there are wide varieties of food groups that can count as natural ways to fight cancer. Whether it’s cruciferous vegetables delivering crucial vitamins or organic meats that provide the protein for a chemo-weakened body, the right food combo and engineered diet is easily one of the most vital aspects of finding cancer natural remedies.

Seeds, nuts, dairy products, herbs, and spices all have a role to play in providing those high-nutrient, energy-giving diets that the patient’s body desperately needs during any cancer treatment.

Ending Note

So, these were merely a handful of examples that may be included in a regimen aimed at healing cancer naturally. Remember that none of these may serve as standalone remedies for curing cancer. Any effective treatment would first require a close understanding of the nature of the cancer the patient has developed.

However, one might very well imagine a comprehensive program that combines different yet effective natural ways to fight cancer and consolidate them into a holistic treatment plan. Such a program would not only challenge the efficacy of conventional options like chemo but also redefine the true meaning of healing cancer naturally.