Is There A Cure for Cancer & Does A Cure For Cancer Exists

Is there a cure for cancer? And does a cure for cancer exists? If you need one give this one a try! Hope is not always when you or a loved one currently has cancer. Be informed that the best natural remedy for cancer exists. Contrary to what some doctors might believe, there is always HOPE for cancer victims.

In a McGill Cancer Center study, it was observed that 75% of Americans with cancer received chemotherapy treatment which was prescribed by their oncologists, but also 75% of these oncologists also said that if they had cancer, they would NOT use chemotherapy themselves. Why is that? Because of the ineffectiveness and also the unacceptable toxicity”.

The 27th annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium reported that chemo spread cancer cells which releases extensive metastases months or even years later, which will later be suspected that this was the cause of the spread of cancer.

Although chemotherapy drugs do try to eliminate the tumors and cancer cells, but it unintentionally damages other normal dividing cells, which includes cells in hair follicles, nails, the mouth, the digestive tract and also the bone marrow which makes the blood cells, and when this happens, the patient will always experience the side effects of hair loss, fatigue, anemia, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, infection, infertility, diarrhea and also weight loss. In addition to spreading cancer cells, chemo affects the immune system which makes the body weak to defend itself against future cancers. These, therefore, implies that chemo kills more patients than it cures them.

You can consult Bill Henderson’s alternative treatment as your last resort after which your doctors might have given up on you. Thousands are now cancer-free, patients including terminal cancer patients with all types and stages of cancer around the world. People who follow this simple diet and supplement regimen for 6 to 8 weeks are able to reverse their cancer.

The healing regime in the book includes six different theories on how you can deal with cancer cells. These six forms of treatment are very gentle, also non-toxic and harmless. They work together to build your healthy cells and your immune system to overcome the bad ones that cause the disease. These are the four conditions which must be corrected before any patient can overcome cancer, they are

  • Excessive toxins
  • Acidity
  • Weak immune system
  • Lack of oxygen uptake by the cells

It is suggested that cancer patients should give this regimen six to eight weeks while delaying other treatments. If it does not work, he offers additional coaching by telephone, where interaction helps to clarify questions about all the information in the book and discuss what needs to be tried on the basis of the patient’s experience.

Apart from the Self-Treatment Guide, there is also information about locating holistic doctors, clinics, and some other resources. Also, you will learn how to test the levels of cancer cells in your body.

Also, you get to have bonus books about aging, diet, exercises, diabetes, and healing of back pain. All of this can make a huge contribution to your campaign for a better health, all in a natural way.

It is very important to learn the real causes of cancer and also discover the best treatments that work. If you still decide to use the conventional way, this natural, non-toxic, no side effects treatment can still work together to compensate for the side effects of your medical treatments. This will help you tremendously in the recovery of our health to achieve a cancer-free life that you have always wanted.

Cancer is really a cellular disease which is based on a single cell which went wrong and was distributed to produce tumors. It would, therefore, be logical to treat this condition by strengthening and normalizing the cells by natural cleansing as well as proper nutrition, detoxification and in general building up of the immune system.

Human bodies are designed to defend themselves against all infections and also heal themselves naturally.

So again, the question is, “Is there a cure for cancer? And does a cure for cancer exists?”